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FOX News
Aug 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
for watching, everyone. >>shepard: while you are dealing with politics in louisiana they are dealing with yet another natural disaster. good afternoon from louisiana, east on interstate ten from new orleans across lake pontchartrain on the north shore of the lake. if you figure that storm has been spinning in this way, right? spinning and spinning, we are on that side, it pushed water and wind into this town. as you can see, it is flooded a great deal. look down here, the roof to interstate ten, everything is underwater, they have affected hundreds of evacuations in the general area today but there is flooding all across this region. the storm has brought flood waters with up to 5' of water in some areas and off the we river officials say there are 3' to 4 feet of water. here, there are 4 feet of water in the homes. we will take you around this area to show you what folks are dealing with. first, there is an emergency developing in the town of robert, louisiana. that is all on the north shore of the lake. in that particular town they have a problem because a river that runs from the state of
FOX News
Aug 29, 2012 2:00am PDT
, one of them authorizing registered emt's from other states to come into louisiana to assist if needed. the governor is also mobilized 4,000 national guardsmen. they have been called to active duty to assist with communication, engineering and law enforcement during and after the storm. there's the potential for as many as 8,000 national guard troops could be called into the area. but right now what we are experiencing are the heavy rains and the heavy winds. back to you. >> brace yourself in that wind. clearly it has picked up live for you in new orleans jonathan seere. hi, phil. phil keating you are on. can you hear us? >> it is so loud in these places they cannot even hear. >> yes. i hear you. >> go ahead, phil. >> >> if you guys are listening to me we are here on mobile bay. behind me is mobile bay churning with this wind. fortunately we are getting a little bit of a reprieve at the moment. that is the rain bands have been drenching this area for several hours all morning long. they have subsided for a moment and then you get count counterclockwise of wind and rain. they were parti
Aug 29, 2012 4:00am EDT
today," louisiana landfall. hurricane isaac batters the gulf coast with fierce winds and heavy rain. >>> it's official, the republicans newly nominated presidential candidate takes center stage in tampa. >>> and martian landscape. stunning new images of the red >>> and martian landscape. stunning new images of the red planet. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> this is "early today" for wednesday, august 29, 2012. >> hello and good morning, i'm lynn berry. today we begin with the stalled storm. hurricane isaac slammed into louisiana last night. now forecasters are warning bad conditions may only get worse as rainfall adds up from the slow-moving storm. nbc's daniel league joins us now. she's in new orleans. good morning, danielle. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. wind and rain has been ripping through the french quarter here. then if you look over to my right shoulder behind me on a building, there is a sign that is just dangling in the wind. we've seen many of those signs ripped from buildings here this morning, and this is really just the beginning of the storm. isaa
Aug 29, 2012 4:30am PDT
. trenching much of the louisiana coast. the reports that the water has topped the level at levy over there. city officials so feared that parts of the city will be flooded. >>> so far only minor damage has been caused. >>> it looks like it could be very heavy. the rain is. >>> about 30 mi. south of new orleans canals are overflowing and strong winds knocked down trees. it's where commercial fishermen is letting out the storm. >>> i always also found a boat. high waters,. >>> all along the banks are setbacks have been set up as well as to levies. the city of your lens has a much more sophisticated line of defense against flooding. a 49-billion dollars levy system built by the u.s. army corps of engineers. >>> i haven't seen a lot of work here. i felt pretty confident about it. >>> the storm is stirring up the surf in mississippi. and soaking orange beach alabama. >>> if it were to demonstrate ask for but not took to win a laugh. >>> die of the storm is moving just west of new orleans. i sit is expected to bring some much- needed rain to arkansas. louisiana will have to need take the brunt o
FOX News
Aug 28, 2012 11:30pm PDT
. it is seven miles per hour and it is not really moving. the louisiana governor set the stage on tuesday warning folks about what lies ahead. >> for areas in the direct path of the storm there will be hurricane-force winds and perhaps lasting as long as six and 10 hours. additionally the slow movement of the storm means there is a greater chance of heavy rain. the forecast shows there can be as much as anywhere between 10 and 16 inches of rain in some of the areas. slow movement obviously means not only lon -- longer duration for the winds, but we could see tornadoes today and tomorrow. >> so bad news, it is stalled. let's begin our coverage with our chief meteorologist. >> that is a problem. it means it is going to rain across southeastern louisiana, mississippi and alabama. this will be a 30-- 36-hour event of the strong winds and strong rain of the unfortunately major problems for these people. one thing we are seeing is dry air on the western side that will mean some weakening of the storm. it has not moved much at all over the last three hours. it is still over water. the pressure h
Aug 29, 2012 6:00am EDT
now. there's the eye. it's south of houma, louisiana about 65 miles southwest of new orleans. still has winds 80 miles an hour, gusting to 100. potentially could see rainfall up to 20 inches in spots. we'll take you to new orleans where bigad shaban is standing by with the very latest. >> reporter: packing winds up to 80 miles per hour, drenching much of the louisiana coast, in the nearby parish of plaquemines, there are reports that water is over topped the levee there. here in new orleans, all the pumping stations are on and working, but city officials still fear that parts of the city will be flooded. hurricane isaac brought heavy rain and pounding winds to coastal louisiana overnight. but so far only minor damage. >> our biggest concern is the amount of rain we may be getting. it looks like it could be very, very heavy. >> reporter: those in the heart of new orleans heeded warnings to stay home allowing police to patrol the streets. about 30 miles south of new orleans in the small town, canals are overflowing and strong winds knocked down trees. it's where commercial fisherman r
FOX News
Aug 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to wreak havoc. tens of thousands of residents in trouble downstream. and here in slidell, louisiana, a massive flood that nobody expected. hundreds of rescues. >> lot of people here. >> thousands of evacuations. >> we lost everything! everything! >> and for many, isaac's wrath may still be far from over. plus, republican presidential candidate mitt romney now just hours away from the biggest speech of his life as he prepares to accept the gop nomination for president. but first from fox news thursday night, isaac, all these days later, all that rain later, still wreaking havoc as fox reports live tonight. people expected rain. they expected the storm to sit and spin. they thought it would be slow. nobody thought it would be this slow and deliver this much rain. the evacuations have happened across a two-state region, across southern hall louisiana, on the south coast of mississippi and inland bayous where tonight many people are still in evacuation shelters. in many areas, as it will here shortly, it is still raining to beat the band. we'll get to the evacuations and the trouble on
Aug 30, 2012 2:30am PDT
in louisiana and in neighboring mississippi opening the door to federal money to aid the recovery along the gulf. we want to start with meteorologist bill karins. he's up in new york with isaac's path. bill, this looks like it's set up shop over louisiana. >> yeah, still in louisiana, but today we'll be saying good-bye to it as it moves towards arkansas. what a storm. they're called hurricanes for a reason. i know we get caught up in what category they are. as soon as they get the title hurricane they have to be taken seriously. this for a category 1 has been an impressive journey over the last 36 hours across southeast louisiana and mississippi. this morning we have a ban of heavy rain over downtown new orleans with gusts of 40 miles per hour. it will still be difficult this morning for the power crews to be out there getting power to a lot of people. the coast line of mississippi has been raked overnight. a few tornadoes. we're not completely done with the storm. as the day progresses today things will slowly get better. we've had a ton of rain. all the bright red are flash flood warn
Aug 29, 2012 4:00am EDT
the louisiana coast right now. it's a category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 80 miles an hour. the fierce winds have already knocked out power to more than 300,000 homes and businesses. a tornado reportedly touched down near mobile alabama knocking down trees and power lines and a tornado watch has been issued from louisiana to the florida panhandle. forecasters say the slow-moving storm could dump as much as 20 inches of rain in some areas. david bernard, meteorologist for our miami station, wfor, has the latest. >> isaac continues to move across south louisiana. very intense rain, storm surge and high winds causing lots of power outages across the new orleans area. the radar overnight indicates that the rain is continuing not only in southeast louisiana, but also in mississippi and alabama. and the winds are going to blow a lot for the next 48 hours. in fact, the hurricane-force winds are going to be spreading across all of the new orleans area over the next few hours even into southern portions of mississippi and the tropical storm force wind, they are very wide in the yellow area. the
Aug 28, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. here is the latest that we have for you. right now hurricane isaac is moving over louisiana on the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. isaac made landfall over the southeastern part of the state near the mouth of the mississippi river with 80-mile-per-hour winds. that happened around 6:45 p.m. central time. up to 20 inches of rain is expected and that's what we're watching closely as this storm moves ashore. we have correspondents all throughout the region covering this storm through the night for us. and we want to get straight away to cnn's john zarrella. he's been with us in gulfport, mississippi. john, you can tell us what you've been experiencing and what's been going on right now. >> reporter: well, the worst of the weather that we've experienced through this entire storm is what we're getting right now. you can certainly see the trees are whipping around. the rain is horizontal. i was out there and behind me, the viers watching behind me, of course, the gulf of mexico to the south and highway 90 which runs all along the beach, the beach road throughout mississip
Aug 4, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. >> louisiana holds a unique record. since the first europeans arrived, 10 flags have flown over the territory. that's more than any other u.s. state. in 1519, spanish explorers planted their flag. they were followed by the french in 1682. later on, napoleon's tricolor was displayed. then, in 1763, great britain gained a foothold in the region. in 1810, local colonists united against the british under a flag known as "the bonnie blue." finally, in 1812, louisiana achieved statehood. it looked like the stars and stripes were here to stay. but with the civil war, louisiana withdrew from the union. it declared itself a republic -- with its own flag, of course, but two months later, it joined the confederacy. louisianans would live under two different confederate flags before the war ended. finally in 1912, louisiana adopted the flag we see today. >> the louisiana flag, i love, because it's a story of unconditional love. what the settlers saw, according to louisiana legend, when they first arrived there were these brown pelicans. and if food was scarce, what the mother pelicans would do was peck a
Aug 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
louisiana section. they are getting pounded with wind and rain coming up later we will have a live report. >>> first we will check in with wyatt. >>> jamie -- a quiet night here. large hurricane here, continuing to move into the southeast corner of louisiana. we take you into the storm. you can see the radar echoes as it moves in to the big easy. here are the stats. 80-mile an hour sustained winds, it's as strong as isaac has been. it's low lying, almost swamp land down there in southeast louisiana. it doesn't take the edge off the hurricane nor will it over the next 12 to 24 hours, you can see some of the weather as we caught it from new orleans to the beaches of alabama here, rough surf as that comes in. very active weather. potential this storm will impact maryland by the weekend with showers. . >>> we met him today and baltimore got a chance to meet him. this evening the new police commissioner was outon patrol. that joined residents -- to the bridge view greenlawn community. the mayor introduced that earlier in the day. tonight he met with residents and police officers, he said he wi
Aug 29, 2012 5:30pm EDT
. >>> this is what some people are seeing out of louisiana today -- rains, flooded parking lots, winds tore apart onings, knocked down trees. we just had a live report from new orleans where officials were talking about a curfew as they try to wait out tropical storm isaac. more on the storm, a very slow moving storm. >> that's the problem a slow mover, crawling along, dumping more rain. we think we can see showers from the remnants of isaac by the second or third part of our labor day weekend but as we look further south, you can see what's happening, a very slow moving, powerful tropical storm. new orleans is below sea level but much of southeastern louisiana at or below sea level. we'll continue to have a severe flooding issue across much of the gulf coast and alluding to it earlier, the potential is there for some of the leftover rain showers and even maybe a thunder shower from eye shack to get in to the mid-atlantic. we'll talk much more about how things shape up. >> you can take our forecast with you on the road. just head to to learn how to download our weather app on
Aug 27, 2012 12:00pm EDT
for everything on the northern gulf coast, especially in southeast louisiana and mississippi. i want to show you the radar view over the past six hours, you can certainly see a center of circulation down there. the other thing i want to point out, look at the rains coming in eastern florida. tampa not that bad, just a few showers. but the attention is all now turning to new orleans. 65 miles per hour sustained winds on the 11:00 advisory, with gusts to 75, moving northwest at 14. on this track, the hurricane center believes it is going to be a cat 1 storms with sustained winds of 90 miles per hour as it is making landfall tomorrow around dinner time in new orleans and then it will move off toward the northwest. new orleans on the strong side of the storm, along with coastal mississippi. i want to stress this is a different storm than katrina. seven years and billions of dollars later the levees should be in much better shape, along with the pumping station. but regardless any hurricane coming to southeast louisiana is a big, big problem. tampa was rather concerned with the convention in town and
Aug 29, 2012 7:00pm EDT
without power in southern louisiana. flooding and wind damage like this huge tree toppled across a street just outside the french quarter is expected throughout the evening. one reason the mayor of new orleans has issued a dusk to dawn curfew. >> the wind has been real intense. the roof has been feeling like it want to pull off, but overall i think we're going to make it. >> reporter: new orleans' rebuilt levee system is holding up, but the army corps of engineers is expected to remain on high alert throughout the night. here is a live look down the french quarter. you can see it's pretty much deserted. the mayor of new orleans has placed nearly 3,000 law enforcement personnel on these streets. that's local police officers as well as national guards members. they are determined, in fact, to keep law and order in this city until isaac passes. reporting live in new orleans i'm karen brown. back to you. >> zero doll rabbits for possible -- tolerance for possible looters. let's go to scott broom live from biloxi, mississippi tonight. what's the story there? >> reporter: tell you what, we're
Aug 30, 2012 4:25am EDT
of louisiana. this is from the st. john parish. one of the hardest hit areas there. the governor of louisiana says thousands of people need to evacuate the area because of the flooding. >> in nearby plaquemines parish, equipment is being brought in to cut a hole in one of the levees to relieve some pressure. isaac spawned a destructive tornado in mississippi leaving several buildings destroyed. the storm also brought down trees and power lines. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we have a lot to talk about this morning. time to get a quick check on the weather with tucker barnes. >> good morning. temperatures falling back into the 60s. very comfortable start. should be another beautiful day with high temperatures a little warmer than yesterday, upper 80s to about 90. i'll give you the latest with isaac still churning around there. portions of the deep towght include louisiana and a rot of rain in mississippi this hour. isaac still a tropical storm at this hour. maximum winds, 50 miles per hour. the pressure is up 50 miles from yesterday. sti
Aug 29, 2012 3:00am EDT
hovered. after making landfall on tuesday night in southeast louisiana, the 350 mile wide storm has pelted louisiana, mississippi and alabama with rain. folks in these areas are hunkering down and are expected to be told to stay in doors for a couple of days. 200,000 will be without power until the storm passes. because it's moving so slowly it could dump up to 20 inches of rain in some areas. let's go straight to cnn's brian todd, he has been out and about for us on the streets of new orleans, and feeling the brunt of this rain that we keep talking about that's going to be well, keeping people socked in for quite some time, brian? >> reporter: that's right, a lot of heavy rain now, we had had an intense squall coming down through toward our camera. a lot of flying debris coming this way. there's a heavy police presence. we have not talked about it too much this morning but i want to stress that, of course with the experience of hurricane katrina, they did not want anything close to that to be repeated so they have a strong police presence here. you talked about power outages, that figure
Aug 29, 2012 11:35pm EDT
the global resources of abc news, with cynthia mcfadden in new york city, bill weir in new orleans, louisiana, and terry moran in tampa, florida, this is "nightline," august 29th, 2012. >> good evening, i am bill weir. and much to the relief of everybody here, isaac is finally leaving tomorrwn. but not without leaving new orleans very wet, battered and dark. hundreds of thousands of people will head into the holiday weekend without power. and here is the satellite map tonight, as isaac slowly churns north, after more than 24 hours of just driving rains. still some powerful squalls on the tail end of this departure. and here's some fresh pictures from one of the most desperate places in isaac's wake. la plasse, louisiana, where hundreds of families had to be evacuated. this follows, also, a day of rooftop rescues in the southern reaches of this area. much smaller than katrina, but still, an eerie example of history repeating itself. in this part of louisiana, a lot of folks keep axes in their attics. exactly seven years after katrina, fred leslie is another reminder why. fred didn't have an ax
Aug 30, 2012 5:30pm EDT
is continng to move north across louisiana. evacuations are still underway. water is pouring into the already swollen river and officials believe it could cause low lying areas to flood. this 8-year-old and the grandmother were among the hundreds rescued. >> it was really board because it was really deep. >> isaac is expected to dump rain across the middle part of the the country before finally break up over the weekend. >>> rescuers are also working to help animals. you can see the cows are fighting through the muck. animal shelters in louisiana and mississippi are sending animals to texas to make room for ones being evacuated. >>> most of the images coming from tropical storm isaac are frightening but this one is cute. a father stayed behind when they evacuated. when they went into the home, this is what he found. she left hurricane rules for the stuffed animals, to scoot next to the buddies, no parties and have fun. >> i like the no party and take a buddy. >> take a look at what we're now seeing with isaac. this is no longer a tropical storm, and now a tropical depression. still flooding r
Aug 29, 2012 2:30am PDT
a mandatory evacuation order is in place for parts of plaquemines parish in louisiana after water topped several miles of a levee there. officials now going door to door this morning telling people to get to higher ground. again, that's in plaquemines parish. bill karins has new information on the storm's path. first let's start this morning with the weather channel's paul goodloe live in gulfport, mississippi. paul, what does it look like this morning? >> reporter: i tell you what, willie, this morning the wind has been howling. i have my hand-held anemometer wind gauge. easily over 25 miles an hour but a lot of gusts in the 30s and 40s. once you get above 30, it starts to move. i'm north of 220 here. there's also reports of west of me where new orleans is, they're getting powered with a lot of heavy rain. there's concerns about those pumps being able to pump that rainwater out of new orleans to avoid some of the flooding as well as some concerns about a levee being overtopped in plaquemines parish. now, again, an overtopped levee is far better situation than a broken levee or a busted
Aug 30, 2012 6:00am EDT
morning washington," on your side. >> isaac overstays its welcome in louisiana. 24 hours after landfall. >> in gulfport mississippi let's check in for the latest with george. rex tropical storm isaac has been relentless, moving at a snail's pace, dropping 20 inches of rain in most places. in gulfport, we have seen one tornado. we remain under a tornado watch and flash flood warnings. as the storms goalie makes its way inland, the focus turns to rescuing those trapped in flooded areas of louisiana and mississippi. this man brought his family would be safe in his mississippi home which was raised 8 feet off the ground. >> we noticed the water wasprobably not a couple feet high. around 8:30 we noticed it was time to leave a. he and his family were rescued by the national guard. waitevacuated west of new orleans after water spilled over the banks of lake pontchartrain. this m saved with his wife and dogs. they are top notch. >> in nearby plaquemines parish where it first made landfall as many as 800 homes suffered significant damage. the parish president storm worse than hurricane katrina a
Aug 10, 2012 8:00am EDT
-down louisiana to his place as being one of the most revered blues artists of all time. we are glad you could join us for our conversation with blues legend buddy guy. right now. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it's the cornerstone we all know. it's not just a street or boulevard, but a place where walmart stands together with your community to make every day better. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: what an honor, and i do mean honor, to welcome buddy guy to this program. the blues legend has just released a terrific memoir about his remarkable life and career, called "when i left home: my story." the book details his humble beginnings in louisiana and his many collaborations with the biggest names in the music business. buddy guy, i am delighted, sir, to have you on this program. >> well, thank you very much. i have been waiting to get here for a while. [laughter] i told you in chicago, i said, "man, i have got to do your show." tavis: no, i told you i wanted to have you on whenever you could work it out. i have told
Aug 31, 2012 12:00pm PDT
florida he headed to louisiana to for the damage from hurricane isaac. president obama is also on the road in texas meeting with troops at fort bliss. next week democrats open their convention in charlotte. the mitt romney campaign opened a new theme today " hold us accountable ". and do the same for the four years of the president obama administration. they say. >> randall, want to ask you, mitt romney is in the disaster zone in the gulf, what is he hoping to gain in a political sense? >> that's in question was asked of his aide on the flight out to louisiana and they say that mitt romney was invited by gov. bobby gindall who is a republican and wants to show his concern for the people of louisiana who are suffering and to thank first responders, and that there is nothing inappropriate about mitt romney visiting the area to see the damage and show concern. we have had a report that some of the people in louisiana who have been affected by the floods are welcoming him and saying that it wants to hear more about his plans as a candidate and a whole, as a future president. >> thank you very
Aug 29, 2012 4:00am EDT
, they ripped the roof off a home of a louisiana parish president. storm surges up to 12 feet are flooding roads. trees are falling. and hundreds of thousands of homes are without power. >> this is a very dangerous storm. and with those waters rising as quickly as they could be, a loss of life is a good possibility. >> reporter: shelters are filling up in louisiana and mississippi. and residents are on-edge. >> feeling anxious and ready to get it over with. >> reporter: it was seven years ago today, hurricane katrina hit the region. and louisiana's new $14 billion levee system and pumping stations are now being put to the test. >> it will be all right. hopefully the levees will take care of us. >> reporter: isaac right now is really a slow-moving hurricane. it is sitting right over where we areocated in new orleans. and we were hoping within the last half hour, it would pass so we could get our camera gear back up. that's not happening. it's just sitting on us. and because it's so slow-moving, it could dump up to 20 inches of rain in some areas. >> even though you're via phone, we prefer you sta
Aug 29, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the region. in louisiana nearly 24 hours of unrelenting rain and strong storm surges. >> this storm is a slow moving storm. we'll be dealing with the storm through early friday morning. >> reporter: in plaquemines parish where isaac first made landfall, a devastating path of destruction. >> it's horrible. the water is almost over my head. >> reporter: 12-foot high waves over the top of the levees causing severe flooding. downed power lines left thousands in the dark. >> we had to break through the ceiling and come through the attic and they took us out of the attic into the boat. >> reporter: in mississippi wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour with a tornado watch in effect for parts of the state, roads and bridges have been closed. >> reporter: the city of new orleans is soaked. >> when the power goes out, it's always a pain. we lucked out and had a generator. >> reporter: officials say the levee is working fine.. >> obviously, some difficulty with that. wyatt, you have more. >> this ultimately will be nonfor the flooding it produces. this part of the louisiana coast is very susceptible to stor
Aug 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
in forecast a hit to florida's panhandle all the way to louisiana, including the new orleans, some time on wednesday. that would be the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. right now, isaac stretches more than 200 miles from its center, with top sustained winds of 60 miles per hour, today president obama alerted fema to get ready to help states in the path of that storm and louisiana has already declared a state of emergency. we begin our coverage tonight with manuel bojorquez in key west, manuel, good evening to you. >> good evening, lee, the worst of tropical storm isaac passed over the keys this afternoon, but officials here in key west say the night could still be dicey, with the continued risk of squalls, conditions like we are seeing right now and the potential for high waves from the south. as isaacs winds lashed across key west, pat and lieu pailer hunkered downing to ride it out on their boat. >oat. >> actually it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, i thought it would be more nervous. >> residents who did not heed warnings to leave are now adviced to stay off the roads
Aug 27, 2012 11:00am PDT
in effect for louisiana, florida, alabama, with the storm possibly making as mentioned a direct hit on new orleans as early as tomorrow. wednesday of course will be the seven-year anniversary to the day that hurricane katrina devastated this region. tens of thousands of people along the gulf coast have now been placed under mandatory evacuation orders. we are looking at more than 50,000 right now new orleans parish, alabama as well as louisiana. massive evacuations. want to take you, as i understand it, back to tampa. -- impacted by this big storm, let's listen in. >> convention held in tampa florida starting at 2:00 p.m. on the 27th day of august, 2012. so it is my privilege to proclaim the 2012 republican national convention in session and called to order. the chair announces pursuant to clause 12 b1 kausubject to the l of the chair. all right, all right. now we're in recess. but for this convention, we also want to draw your attention to the unprecedented fiscal recklessness of the obama administration as depicted by the realtime national debt clock shown here in the arena. for this con
FOX News
Aug 28, 2012 4:00pm PDT
out in a shipping container. it is extremely dangerous. but the louisiana law enforcement officials are saying they cannot force anyone out of their home a louisiana state trooper came up here earlier and said that it seems like for the most part people around the lake have heeded evacuation warnings and have left. people with good memories of seven years ago tomorrow. casey stegall live here in the new orleans area. this is the french quarter, bourbon street here. i have never seen it this shut down, ever. and 40 years of coming here and 9 hurricanes covered here. this is the most boarded up, shutdown and evacuated i have ever seen the french quarter. our friends at the local fox station tell us they have never seen it either. folks who live here day in and day out say the level of evacuation here, he is especially no mandatory evacuation. only when the storm is a category 3. pleased how many people have some things are. some people carrying on life and the rest. these clouds coming in whipping in over these buildings, in fact with the buildings in the foreground. can you see how q
Aug 28, 2012 9:00am PDT
southeastern parts of new orleans, or should say louisiana, spreading over toward florida, and this is going to be in effect until 7:00 tonight. you can start to see some of those stronger bands. this is another threat with tropical storm isaac. also want to point out to you the storm surge. we're expecting it to peak late tuesday as well as into wednesday a.m. some of these locations, suzanne, 8 to 12 feet high. that is above ground. obviously. >> the army corps of engineers, jennif jennifer, says they're about to close the new orleans flood gates. this is the first time since after it was built after hurricane katrina. >> this is the first time we've seen this, a massive project done by the u.s. army corps of engineers, $15 billion. as we come back over possibly to our google earth, this is the west closure complex. this, alone, was $1 billion. what it's designed to is basically the closure and the gates, maybe we can zoom in just a bit more. of course, when you get some of that storm surge coming in from the sea, what this gate is going to be doing is blocking it. they are going to close
Aug 29, 2012 2:35am EDT
will have extensive coverage this half-hour of hurricane isaac churning over louisiana and the gulf coast ever so slowly. our other big headline is the big political splash from the rnc, republican national convention, ann romney was in the spotlight. and so was new jersey's governor chris christie. so, did they get through to voters, particularly, that female vote which is plaguing mitt romney at the moment. >> he is behind the polls and the president, when it comes to women. republicans are ken lenly. a very direct, not subtle, appeal to women last night. speeches last night. finally get started after distractions of isaac. >>> this half-hour, anger in aurora, relatives who lost loved ones in the colorado movie theater massacre express their outrage over a fund-raising campaign. the money they were promised and in actuality they're actually getting. >> the story surprised me. when i read about it. doesn't seem right. taking no chances with a dangerous relic dating become to world war ii. the evacuations and precautions taken with a 500-pound explosive. >>> all right. get to that in a se
Aug 30, 2012 4:00am PDT
declares parts of louisiana and mississippi a disaster zone. >> everything underwater, everything. >>> rallying cry. vice presidential candidate paul ryan hits president obama early and often in his speech at the republican national convention. >> these past four years we have suffered no shortage of words in the white house. what is missing is leadership in the white house. >>> and killing bin laden. a navy seal who took part in the raid on osama bin laden's compound speaks publicly for the first time. >> can you guys pull this off and i'm pretty sure to a man we >> can you guys pull this off and i'm pretty sure to a man we all said yes, absolutely. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 30, 2012. >>> good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. president obama wasted no time signing disaster declarations last night for the areas in mississippi and louisiana hardest hit by isaac. it's now a tropical storm and only expected to get weaker as it moves inland. it's currently northwest of new orleans with sustained winds nea
Aug 27, 2012 6:30pm EDT
affecting five million people are up all along the northern gulf coast from florida to louisiana. from space, isaac is wide. tropical storm winds under 74 miles an hour extend more than 200 miles from the center. we have a team of correspondents covering the storm, but first, let's go to cbs news hurricane consultant david bernard in miami. david, where is this headed? >> good evening, scott. i think new orleans is the destination and, you're right, isaac is getting stronger tonight. the very latest has it as a strong tropical storm, 70 miles per hour, moving northwest at 12. that slower movement is going to be critical over the next 48 hours. the forecast now is for a category two along the louisiana coast tuesday night or early wednesday morning and that would mean a 100 mile per hour storm. >> pelley: what is the big problem here, david? is it the wind or the water? >> it's going to be a little bit of everything, i think, scott. especially if that movement to the northwest at 12 slows down even further. we're talking about storm surge, but we're also talking about incredible rainfall pote
Aug 26, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. a short time ago, louisiana's governor declared a state of emergency and is asking people who live in the low-lying areas to voluntary evacuate. so before louisiana, there is still south florida in play right now. and other parts of florida along the west coast that are keeping a close watch. we have correspondents spread across the state following isaac. as it moves in. so let's go to the florida keys which seems maybe it has dodged the bullet. that's where we find cnn's john zarrella. john, you got a break from isaac in terms of being relatively calm right now. but no one's really gone out to really assess completely. we just know there is standing water in some areas, right? >> yes, no question about it. when you talk about the keys, you're talking about 100 miles of just a chain of islands all connected by a series of causeways, series of bridges, small spits of land and certainly over years when you've had hurricanes approaching from either direction, whether it was from the west or the east towards the florida keys you get overwash, a lot of debris that washes up. you get flo
FOX News
Aug 28, 2012 10:00pm PDT
of louisiana have sent hundreds of dogs and cats to texas for adoption to get them out of the way. they are offering a 50% discount if you adopt a pet that was part of the storm early on. and united way has re-established their disaster fund that was set up after the b.p. oil spill now for more donations, so the people who are going to be in need, you know, more people die from flooding than they do from the actual storm. so this is an event that will continue for several days to come. do what you can to help. we will have the red cross and the salvation army talking to us. we will give you lots of ways to help. let's go to alabama. taking only a glancing blow from hurricane isaac so far. but that's not to say that the folks are out of the storm yet. at this hour, isaac is threatening the coast with high winds, torrential rain, pounding surf, hundreds will be spending the night at emergency shelters. there's our phil keating, holding on in theodore, alabama. phil, it looks like you are getting pretty hammered. >> reporter: jamie, if you love strong winds and heavy rain for 24 to 3
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